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Liquib turns an image into a virtual fluid, to produce flowing, evolving
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Jeff L. Holcomb
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29 May 2009

Editor's review

There are some images that get so close to our heart that we prefer seeing them over and over again. Well, how about bringing these sensitive images to life, giving them an entirely new and amazing appearance? You must have tried variety of applications with loads of effects helping you to make your image look stunning. But, now you can try out completely new effects that let you add a fluid feel to your images. You can try this effect by installing Liquib 1.8 on your system. The utility allows you to apply different effects turning you images into lively looking masterpieces. It treats your images as fluid that can be distorted with several transformations to form beautiful liquid images. You can add bubbles, drops, wave, melt, and other such effects, and use variety of tools such as stylus, comb, contort, twist, stretch, wipe, smear, spray, etc available for the purpose.

On executing the Liquib you would find the program being presented with attractive and user-friendly console. To begin applying various effects and use different tools you’d have to load the image within the program which is then placed at the middle area. Variety of options are placed over the three sides of the screen upper, right and lower, from where you can choose any to perform the supported action. The entire Tools and Effects provided with the program are provided on the right from where you can select any of them and work out on the images giving them desired appearance. Along with this, you can apply the effects; play/pause animation; upscale images; check history of effects you tried; set box, get images in tiles form; copy and paste images; use mask, script, wander; and also can change the type, size, intensity, random and other options for the selected tools. Not just these, but the application also provides you audio, video, and MIDI features to help you compile a beautiful video playing effects over your images.

Liquib 1.8 is a fantastic application that facilitates you to display your creativity using several tools and effects provided. The program for its prompt and wonderful functionality, along with impressive feature-set, has found to be worthy of a score of 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Liquib treats an image as if it were a fluid, which can be distorted by various transformations to create liquid image, marbled paper and Droste type effects. It is a graphics tool (or toy) that attempts to translate mathematics into visual imagery.
Manipulation Tools and Effects can be manually applied to express your creativity with unique transformations. Or you can relax and be entertained by the Automatic Effects feature. Watch as images are contorted, distorted and transmuted by randomly chosen manipulations, always fresh and evolving. Liquib effects can be reflected onto mirroring panels to create Tiles, which can optionally be centered to maximize symmetries. The visual display can be accompanied by music from the Audio Player. Liquib display sequences can be captured to Video, and actions can be Scripted to create choreographed performances of dynamic art, optionally controlled via a MIDI device.
Version 1.8
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